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Something about me

My name is Charlie G as you may guess from the title of this website I have MS. I met Keith on a MS website about 2004. I used to post stories on the said website one of them being “through the loophole” about the time in 1972 when I had blundered into Capt Beefheart on LSD at a Festival. It just so happened to be the first festival that he had been to and this resonated with him. At the time I had a very crude website and he said your stories are good much too good for a website like that, so he agreed to give my stories a good home. He created this which I am very proud of.

First of all a bit about myself I was born in 1950 which makes me incredibly old although there is a young being looking out of this vehicle. I consider I was born at the right time in the right place because I have not had to kill or be killed. Not many generations can say that.

I like all forms of music and have a vast amount of in my computer more or less everything I have heard of. Nowadays it is easy to collect music in the last 15 years I have been increasingly drawn to jazz thanks mainly to my friendship with Terence, my favourites being at the moment Freddie Hubbard, Horace Silver, Sonny Clark and Lee Morgan. Jazz remain a genre of music I still have to explore and now I look forward to searching for new people.

There are lots of stories on the website and new ones will be appearing because I am now writing for the MS magazine new pathway which comes out six times a year and I intend to put most of the stories I write here. At the moment (late 2017) I am writing about the legalisation of cannabis in the UK. It is something I wanted for the past 50 years and now I am hopeful it will happen next year at least for medical purposes.

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