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  • Vegetable Soup
I make an "everything" veg soup using whatever veg I've got, the fresher the better!
Lots of variations depending on the time of the year and what I've got available on the lottie.

Make it really thick with lentils - more like Veggie Stew really, and add herby dumplings to it.

Add fresh or tinned tomatoes and tomatoe puree to the vegetables, and some pasta (cooked separately) just before serving for a hearty Minestrone.

Topped with a sprinkle of grated cheddar or parmesan cheese and some fresh chopped herbs, serve with crusty bread for a delicious wholesome main meal.

Very simple.
Basic veg I use: (any of the following or all!)
Onions, leeks, potatoes, carrots, any "greens" (in moderation) - cabbage, kale, broccoli, parsnips, swede, celery.
Prepare whatever veg you've got - dice/slice everything to give an even cooking time. Carrots can be left in larger pieces than swede for example.
Add some garlic or herbs - sometimes some tinned tomatoes, if you like it really thick some red or green lentils, and cover with water or stock, cook in pan or pressure cooker (mine is usually in a large pan on a low to medium heat for a good couple of hours - may need to add more liquid). A dash of balsamic vinegar gives the soup a lift especially if it contains tomatoes.
If I make dumplings, I put them in for the last half hour cooking.
We like chunky soup but I sometimes break up the veg a bit with a potato masher before adding dumplings.
Add more water/stock to thin the soup down, or a handful of brown rice to absorb excess liquid.

Not a refined dish but tasty, filling and all veggie.
If there is any left it's even better re-heated next day